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rocky mountain bushcraft

Nick Iannacco "Was just in the boundary waters and stopped at the trail center for one of there great burgers before my 7 day trip into the boundary waters. Had mountain houses packed have had them there okay seen these they looked great grabbed a couple to try and were amazing. Keep up the great work"

"A shot from the trail. Sustained energy, that is quick and convenient was key to make good time. Hydrating food with any temperature water was a game changer!" Adam

Camp Chow to Puerto Rico


"Time to start getting food orders ready for the September's competition. Sarah made us custom cold water rehydratable high sodium food for last year and we will be getting it from her again. I have had electrolyte imbalance issues from medical events during my service in the Army but had no problems at all during last years competition. I credit Sarahs food. Jarrod"